One of the many epic new tunes Deformaty has coming out, “Viral” is a audio masterpiece.  A teaser video for it has just been released and it is a must see.  Big things are coming.



“On remix duties is the accomplished Breaks aficionado Deformaty, giving “What’s The Beef” a complete and total Breakbeat makeover. His perfect production and musical majesty shines through as he leaves no stone unturned, and pleases every ear that comes in contact with his amazing remix of G-Line’s masterpiece!” - Kick It Recordings

Gnarly breaks.  That pretty much sums up this latest remix.  Chunky, offensive bass with cheeky synth stabs are the name of the game.  Straight from the first breakdown, this thing initiates some mean face.  A second break smooths the edges thanks to a seductive melody, but then it’s right back to destruction with a maddening 112BPM second drop.

best of breaks 2013vol2


This latest addition to Deformaty’s “Best Of Breaks” series of compilations is a special one.  Each of the 12 tracks in this hard hitting mix is a remix he has done this year.  This thing is to the brim with awesome, with official remixes for Far Too Loud, G Line, Blacklist, Gena Volgarev, Retchid, Night Bandit, and so many more.  Out just in time for festival season.  Make sure to collect all of Deformaty’s “Best Of Breaks” compilations:

Best Of Breaks 2012 vol. 1 - 3

Best Of Breaks 2013 vol. 1

Get volume 2 HERE



This new free banger was slated to officially release last year, but as it sometimes goes, it never came out.  Lucky for you, Deformaty decided to release it for free!  It features delicious rhodes, robotic vocoded vocals, and plenty of funk.  And the drop is no less magnificent, stuffed with aggressive power that Deformaty is known for.  Add this dance floor warhead to your arsenal today!



“Deformaty and Lightspeed always turn up with amazing tracks when they combine their powers, and the ‘Something To Believe In EP’ is no exception to this rule as these two talented producers drop three gnarly and extreme Electro House bangers on the masses!

First up is the peak-time title track ‘Something To Believe In’ and when I say ‘peak-time’, I mean it! Deformaty & Lightspeed take aggression to a new level infusing triplet action, Dubstep-esque grinding leads and haunting pads, all wrapped in a massive Electro House format giving us a song that is truly worthy of being the title track and fully deserving of its peak-time categorization! ‘Crack It Smack It’ is next with its Big Room Melbourne vibes eases listeners in as pitch bent lead stabs and catchy vocals build up too all out bassline driving madness, carrying ears and feet along with its upbeat atmosphere and relentless groove! Closing things out proper Deformaty & Lightspeed brew up a hard hitting mix of Electro and Funk with their stop and go epic ‘Troposphere’. The offbeat style and unique placement of earthy synths is aided by a large 4/4 beat and killer hollowed out lead production that is sure to get any club up on its feet as they are entranced by this duos legendary movement and soundscape!” -Kick It Recordings

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport


All Other Sites 05/19/2014


Support From
The Crystal Method - “Cool track” 

Far Too Loud - These guys can do Melbourne good!”  Zy The Element - “Will play in next DiFM Mix!”  Wavewhore - “Nice release! Crack It, Smack It is the standout here!”  Audio:Hertz - “WOW, this release has something for everyone with every track being a full on banger! Full support on this one!”  Jordan Clayton - “Great job guys, will drop this one on my Podcast!”  Reality Randy - “Love your guys Electro House!” Radio Corsaro - “Wonderful!”



The highly anticipated follow up to the smash hit “Bouncin” has just release.   It has gained early support from Tommie Sunshine, Krewella, and many more. “Force” is a masterful and aggressive Melbourne/Electro House tune crafted by the quickly rising stars, Deformaty and Koyote. Together, they have unleashed a massive, riot-inducing dance floor banger that begins with a tasteful and melodic breakdown that quickly builds into a pounding 4/4 monster! Aggressive bass and rhythmic, stabbing synths are soul piercing, leaving no one standing still, and is followed up by a potent lead change that has proven extremely effective at motivating dancers in live set tests. The second break down is even more stunning with an emotionally charged melody line that leaves listeners in awe as the song again builds to a drop of peak hour perfection, followed by a smooth, dj friendly outro. “Force” is a grade A weapon for any high energy house arsenal. ” -Brookly Fire Records

The Devil Cover


Deformaty and his hometown native Strive have teamed up to deliver a peak time Melbourne House rendition of  the classic tune “The Devil” by 666.

“With clean production and bright mastering Deformaty and Strive hit us with the epic stick as they deliver a remix of “The Devil” that will get any crowd jumping, between the two gigantic breakdowns and the gnarly thump of the bass, it’s astounding how much one track can make you want to get off your feet, and put on your dancing shoes!” - Kick It Recordings

Best of all, it’s FREE!



“In Deformaty’s second volume of his massive producer pack he gives artists a wide array of sounds, textures, and atmospheres to use in their own songs and soundscapes, samples include many: Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Drum Loops, 15 Bass samples, FX, Sweeps, and Synth Loops/Synth Stabs, making this a fantastic sample pack for any producer!!!” - Kick It Recordings  

Grab this awesome sample pack today, it will not available forever!



Far Too Loud’s “Acid 9000″ remix competition hosted by has been a very popular contest for budding and veteran musicians alike, likely due to the original’s authentic, nostalgic, and gritty vibes.  Its heavily modulated vocal is just superbly executed.  It would only seem natural that Deformaty would enter, however, his breaks remix seems a tad unfair.  As per usual he nailed it.  The funky, grooving movement of  his rendition builds into fast and powerful punch of a drop.  But he doesn’t stop there.  He builds again and drops into a dance floor erupting glitch hop growler, and as soon as you catch your breath he builds back up and finishes you off  with a sweet breaks funk sundae.   A tough tune to beat, but there are some impressive submissions so far.  Poor judges.

Voting begins March 11th and ends March 23rd.  The track will become available when the contest has ended.  Good luck to all of the contestants!

Urban Illusions


“With KIR337 Deformaty takes a less traveled path for himself, bringing listeners a full on Electro House experience in the “Urban Illusions EP”, taking us on an aggressive, chopped up, 4/4 journey, all masterminded by the well known Breakbeat technician that is Deformaty! Solid arpeggiation and rhythmic synth stabs take full control of our attention on the opening track “Funk Junky”, Deformaty makes it clear that the “Urban Illusions EP” is driving and in your face by throwing a massive first punch that lands right in the gut, overwhelming and powerful just can’t describe the burses that are left when Deformaty’s job is finished! A straight wobbling banger that grabs its energy from the small vocal bits that Deformaty has scattered throughout gives a funky impression that goes down smooth, before heading into Electro fueled insanity! Stealing the show hidden within the synth driven breakdowns is “Rebel Scum”, a grinding Complextro like peaktime crowd pleaser that if only broken up a little more would rival older tear out Breaks tracks in destructive ability! Deformaty makes use of almost every sound imaginable in this electronic world, overloading our senses and moving our body’s with festival like melodies and hard dance floor action! Lastly closing things out in a large and heavy way Deformaty drops the title track “Urban Illusions”, ripping and shredding all that dare cross its path! The gnarly force of the bass lines are complemented perfectly by beautiful pad infused breakdowns, that blend and filter behind some of the most impressive sounds Deformaty has created yet!!!” - KICK IT RECORDINGS

Rocket 2 cover


Deformaty and Koyote unleash another reverb driven Melbourne banger with their updated version of the original floor crusher “Rocket 2.0″!

Giving more meat, harder drops, heavier bass, and massively epic breakdowns, Deformaty pulls no punches, delivering layer upon layer of gnarly dance action, that should have everyone in the club with hands up and drinks in the air, grooving along to the splendor that is “Rocket 2.0″!

It’s difficult to find anything that specifically sticks out in “Rocket 2.0″,Deformaty and Koyote make certain that every nuance of sound is placed perfectly in the mix, bringing us a track that just doesn’t quit! Whether your a fan of the Melbourne style or not, in the hands of Deformaty and Koyote, you are sure to be playing this one, over and over again!

Pick this fantastic tune up for free by visiting the Deformaty Facebook Page!!!

1387813343-KIR334 Jordan Clayton - Take Off


Deformaty’s last official release of 2013 is pure fire!  The best description of this remix is simply “filth” as it’s stuffed with growls, reese, and aggressive bass, accompanied by a dreamy rendition of the original’s melody.

“One would assume that the power of ‘Take Off’ couldn’t reach any higher, but the one like Deformaty stepped up to the challenge, and delivers a dirty driving Tear-out remix that borders on the fringe of Complextro and Breakbeat madness, pushing aside the constrictions that most tracks abide too, giving a kick to the pants of the long lived genre!” -Kick It Recordings

What an intense tune to end 2013 and kick off 2014!

 slum dweller


We’re getting close to the end of the year and Deformaty leaves his mark on 2013 with yet another amazing remix, a broken electro house version of Shade K’s “Slum Dweller”.  This tune is a powerhouse; a perfect bang to close out the year.




This highly anticipated single is simply amazing.  The raw power of this chunky electro house tune has been wowing crowds in Deformaty’s live sets and now it’s available to the world.  The ominous vibe of this banger comes from the robotic vocals that ask “What was it like to be human?” and the dark nature of the first breakdown’s synths.  It then builds to explode into a crunchy, chunky, all out electro bomb.  The second drop features a swingin’ shuffled beat, just delicious!  Grab your copy today and start dropping jaws.



This exciting Melbourne House single threatens to be the best release Deformaty has had yet, the highest selling track on Brooklyn Fire Records to date, and it is the first release from the bootleg master, Koyote.  They collaborated to create a deep, yet energetic banger of a track that is gaining some huge support, having been dropped in mixes by Krewella and Far Too Loud, played at EDC Orlando by Tommie himself, and charted #35 on Beatport’s top 100 Electro House.

“Arriving via Portland, Oregon; Bouncin’ is the label debut from both Deformaty and Koyote. An ode to the all powerful Melbourne sound, it’s a unique perspective from these west coast producers. High energy vibes and a deathly synth lead are usually a combination for success. While winter winds begin here in New York, down under it’s heating up. Melodic builds juxtapose the grinding drop that induces hands-in-the-air approval without having to even touch a mic. Complementing this insanity, the tempo gets cut in half before a second blast for an impromptu half-time drum onslaught. Premiered by Tommie at EDC Orlando this weekend, he reports that it had the best crowd reaction of his set; enough said. Support from: MAKJ, Tommie Sunshine and more” - Brooklyn Fire Records

Deformaty’s recent exploits in the world of Melbourne House has fruited several more amazing tracks, including a collaboration with Alex Lightspeed.  Big things are under way for these talented artists.  Keep a keen ear open for the future, and in the meantime, pick up a copy of “Bouncin” and start rocking people’s worlds.



On his first single with his hometown label, Beatrox Records, Deformaty shines with this electro house banger.  He starts us out soft, with a heartfelt breakdown filled with dreamy pads and emotionally charged synths, but the true nature of this track becomes clear as he builds into a ferociously chunky drop with no lack of funk as he peppers his aggressive bass line with slap bass and quick synths.  So “Put your hands in the sky, take a sip and go ‘ahh’” with this clever tune and get bumpin’!  Stay tuned for his next upcoming release with Beatrox, the highly anticipated single, “Human”.



This remix has a wow factor of 10.  Deformaty pulled out all the stops when he did this brilliant remix for Gena Volgarev’s “Nezdahn”.

“First up on remix duties is the Breakbeat king and aficionado Deformaty, and naturally he brings us a Breaks remix of “Nezhden” that is the definition of perfect when looking for a broken remix of this excellent tune!

With added vocal samples and grinding baselines that would give any producer a run for their money, Deformaty shows his growth and prowess when given a chance to add his unique take on a track, and he goes above and beyond the definition of doing justice to ” Nezhden” as he slams this one out of the park! Complete with cheeky breakdowns and full on dirty leads, Deformaty gives the Breaksheads just what they want, and more!”Kick It Recordings


Hot Shit! - “Pretty sick release Deformaty Breaks Style is sick !! .. The big room is pretty good too! Original not bad we like it! Full support!”

Audio:Hertz - “Deformaty, Deformaty, Deformaty every time….this guys is seriously doing the business with everything he touches right now!!!”

Kwerk - “Yet another full-on, storming release. Deformaty SMASHES this one out of the park. Full support on this banger!”

Wavewhore - “Deformaty Remix is sick!!!”

Saam Roberts - “Deformaty remix is absolute boss! The guy is simply on FIRE!”

Ed Russell (MBN) - “Love it. From the opening triplet based 4/4 pattern to the awesome cut up bass. Lovely!” Llupa - “Deformaty mix is tight!” Dad’s Disco - “First class tune!”

Dj Asyk - “Wow!! Crazy yet absolutely frickin’ awesome!! Love the original mix soooo much I listened through 3 times straight but then heard the Deformaty remix, dude goes & takes it to a whole new level.. Blacklist - “Deformaty remix is pure HEAT! In my crate for sure! Will also be supporting the original. Wicked tunes guys!” Radio Corsaro - “Beatiful remix Progressive Electro!! :) Insert to playlist!! Thanks!”




A powerful Deformaty release is out this month on V.I.M. Records in Greece.  “The Madness” is a heavily aggressive breaks tune in classic Deformaty style, breaking down into a smooth yet forceful melody busy synth, and then it drops into a screaming, rage fueled weapon.  Deformaty goes for the 1 – 2 punch with a growling bass march on the second build and then slaps us in the face yet again with the grand finally, masterfully blending all the song’s elements to create a breaks bomb.  This release is graced with glorious remixes by Bosch-Stanley, Hexadecimal, and Shockillaz.  Get your copy today!

Rocket cover


Deformaty and Koyote collaborate to bring us this huge Melbourne house original for FREE!  This thing is just stuffed with full force energy, with a short intro that falls into a powerfully melodic breakdown that builds into an electric Melbourne drop.   The second drop strikes awe when it changes up from house to dubstep/trap.  A mind blowing masterpiece from some of the US’s most prolific artists.  Download this gem free today!



“Bringing the hot Breakbeat fire like an explosion in the dark, Joe C’s original epic “Blasted Jive”, is an experience guided by florescent city lights as you speed down the road in your personal Veyron, flying by others as the air flows through your hair!

“Blasted Jive” begins with pulsating pad like synths behind an aggressive breakbeat, quickly gaining momentum and groove as dark rumbling bass stabs soon follow setting the stage for a hard, synth fueled breakdown! Joe C proceeds to demolish the floor with unforgiving peaktime action, breaking the sound barrier with dirty bass lines, progressing energy filled lasers and funky vocal cuts making “Blasted Jive”, an uncontrollable Breakbeat beast! It would be unfair and probably illegal if the rising Breaks protege Deformaty, was denied a go at “Blasted Jive” and his unique and experienced remix gives us a faster look at Joe C’s creation. Combining feel good synths with grimy bass hits and a wicked change-up, Deformaty gives us a track with unparalleled energy! The gnarliness does not end there as Retchid drops a Dubstep infused Electro House version of “Blasted Jive”, its anthem-esque synths and Complextro bass stabs are almost overpowered by stadium sized breakdowns, closing things out proper and leaving everyone satisfied!” – Kick It Recordings

Support From:

Kickflip – “Great stuff all round, but the Deformaty Remix will get the most plays from me, especially with that handy switch to glitch hop!”

Wavewhore – “Deformaty Mix is the stand out for me on this release.” Sychosis (LSM) – “Every track is good but that original is just so fire!” DeadSlim – “All three mixes are excellent. But Deformaty takes it for me. Growls, tempo change, big builds… This mix has the lot!” Dave Jacob – “Nice remix from Retchid, good job!” Ed Russell (MBN) – “How good is that original? Damn good!” Radio Corsaro – “Beautiful remix from Retchid, thanks!!” Reality Randy – “Nice work guys…Love the bassline!” Bass Reflections – “Big big sounds on the Deformaty Remix. Loving the dirty bass and chompy beats!” Active Gear – “Another cracking tune, Deformaty Remix is the one for me, but the Retchid Remix also has some clout as well…. Original lacked a little wallop for my style but still a cracking tune…..production on these is spot on as well!” DJ L-Train – “Diggin it!”




Deformaty and Lightspeed bring us a refreshing and powerful take on the popular banger, “Starlight”, by Don Diablo & Matt Nash.  It begins with a melodic and electric intro into an emotionally charged breakdown featuring the beautiful vocals from the original.  After a massive build, it drops into aggressive and bouncy electro house.  They then blow us away with a wicked glitch hop second drop, followed by another huge build and drop back into electro goodness.  This weapon of mass dance floor destruction is available for free download, so grab it today!



Deformaty unveils what is to be the first of many rerubs, and man, is it a doozy.  He hits the ground running with a powerful rerub of TJR’s hit track “What S Up Suckas”, a pinnacle Melbourne House tune that has secured it’s place as #1 overall on Beatport.  The rerub speaks for itself, with a clever second drop.  Best of all, it’s free to download.  This is definitely one to add to your peak hour arsenal.

This just in


“This Just In”, a haunting and powerful D&B banger from Night Bandit that is sure to take the charts by storm! “This Just In” combines the energy of Electro and the verbosity of D&B while maintaining an epic and festival worthy vibe, even through half tempo breakdowns that only add to the mystery and soundscape of Night Bandit’s beautiful composition! With a nasty Breakbeat remix from Deformaty and a hands up Electro rendition from MBFB, this is one release to definitely not skip out on!



Don’t act surprised, we all know Deformaty is an evil scientist when it comes to aggressive breaks.  This is no exception.  He brings us some fire in his newest single, “DESTROY”.  Its deceptively minimal breakdown gives the crowd a chance to breath before it builds into a full throttle tear out breaks monster, complete with chunky growls and lazer synths, and propelled by the ominous sample of Darth Vader saying “Don’t make me destroy you…”.  It’s all very well tied together with Geon’s heavy electro breaks remix, maintaining the original’s volatile nature.  This one is guaranteed to get dance floors pumping, so grab a copy and start destroying!



After Deformaty’s explosive set at Beyond Wonderland this year, Insomniac sat down with him for an in depth interview to get an inside view of this prolific artist.  This is the interview:

Was there one particular moment in the recording or mixing process for your Discovery Project entry that made you feel like you were creating something pretty damn special? I think at some point I realized that this remix was kicking some serious ass, but not really more so than some others I was doing at the time. I was really just doing it for fun, but the original vocals had so much power, the rest of the track just came together naturally.

Are there any dots to connect with where/how you grew up to your musical output? I would say so. I started going to EDM shows at an early age, but before even then, I always loved music; I always wanted to be a musician. Any support and influence I received along the way, and the sacrifices and suffering that comes with mastering any craft, certainly shaped the kind of musician I am today.

What do your parents think of what you are doing? My parents are super supportive. My mother and father both really enjoy my music. I think it would be a curious sight to see an older woman driving down the road bumping some tear-out breaks, but my mom does, and it’s awesome.

Anything about being a DJ and producer that makes you shake your head in wonderment? I think the thing that gets me the most is how a lot of other musicians in this field treat the music and the community. Many are in it for the wrong reasons. The craft of DJing, itself, has undergone a transformation. From vinyl to CD to controller…but the digital vs. analog debate isn’t something I really want to dive into at the moment.

What’s the biggest misconception about being a DJ? Many people have the idea that being a DJ is hyper glamorous, or that we live this drug fueled, sexually charged, alcohol drowned lifestyle, free of worry or responsibility. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me personally, DJing is hard work, not to mention producing. That’s a whole other world of stress, yet also equally rewarding, as is DJing. I’m not rich from being a musician, at least, not monetarily.

How does what you do for a living affect you on a day-today basis? My friends are definitely all involved in the scene. I have been doing this for 15 years now, so my life has been fully encompassed by EDM and its community. I have literally been engrained by it, and it by me, as I have definitely left a mark—be it a skid mark or whatever, it’s there.

What is your ultimate career dream? My dream career other than being a musician, of course, (which I am doing currently) is and has always been to be a scientist. I am currently going to school for marine biology.

Are you impulsive with your work or do you have a sketch in mind before you start? I definitely know what I want a song to sound like when I begin the process, but the path I take to get there is up to chance, and the result is often not what I had planned, but I am usually satisfied regardless.

How, if at all, does listening to music figure into your creative process? Damn, to be honest, inspiration comes to me from everywhere. No one artist or song really gets me in the mood to write, but it’s usually more of a collage of creative input that I collect prior to my scheduled studio days that ends up on in the track. I do hear a lot of crazy cool ideas that sometimes make their way into my music, but in general, it all comes from my experiences and emotions at the time.

What’s the most important piece of gear in your studio? Tough question…I would say the computer is the obvious answer, but all of my gear works together to get the job done. The PC, monitors and keyboard are all pretty important.

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure? Very. The best music comes from chance and accidents. To fail is to rise and try again.

Do you have a list of people you’d like to collaborate with in the future? I would love to work with Access Denied, or Kill The Noise, but you know… I really just enjoy working with anyone who is skilled and creative enough to write dope tunes.

If we pressed Shuffle on your iPod while you went to the bathroom, what would you be embarrassed to come back to us listening to? Hell if I know. I only listen to awesomeness.

What sound or noise do you love? I love nasty saws and neuro bass right now, but I always dig a thick synth or pad. Yum.

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about? Trap. Seriously, screw trap in the mouth.

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture? I get excited about where music is headed in general. I don’t think people could even fathom what our music today would have been from, say, 20 years ago.

When you look at electronic music and the surrounding culture, what worries you about the future, what do you wish would change or that you could change? I just wish the culture would drop this douche heavy bro-ness that it’s taken on. There are a lot more assholes in the club these days, it seems.

What are your weaknesses? My weaknesses are food and love.

Do you have a secret passion? Yup.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person? I have some deaf fans and they describe it in intriguing ways, like feeling shapes. I can’t even imagine what it’s like.

Is success physical or internal? Depends on what the success is, but I would say, in most cases, it takes both. To be successful, in my opinion, is to be happy with what you’re doing.

What do you remember about your first DJ gig? I remember I was scared to death. I was so nervous I could hardly even place the needle on the record. I remember it was this dope outdoor festival and I felt really pressured to perform well, so when I actually got on stage, I think I remember thinking I might actually die from stage fright, but I did play, and it was a good set, and in time that fear was eliminated.

What’s the hardest professional lesson you’ve learned thus far? The hardest lesson is definitely to never ever give up on your dream. Not ever.

Tell me about your most memorable night out as an artist or as a fan. I can’t. There are too many. Playing Beyond Wonderland was pretty incredible though. I will never forget that.

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition? Believe in your music. Believe in yourself.

The interview, more biographical info, as well as info on the other Discovery Project alumni is available at

best of breaks


2012 was a big year for Deformaty.  He showed us his prowess for aggressive and emotionally charged breaks with his numerous releases last year, several of which tore up the charts.  His “Best of Breaks 2012″ compilation delivers his most popular and powerful original, collaborated, and remixed breaks in three volumes, to summing to two and a half hours of tear out, tech, and electro breaks, and all free for download.  Download them today and let him take you to places of great darkness and beauty.

God particle


Down from the heavens, fallen to the earth, and released from the hands ofDeformaty, “God Particle” is a haunting track with a divine power that entrances listeners and gives them no option but to move their bodies to the beat!

The Breakbeat splendor of “God Particle” kicks it off in high gear as Deformaty makes use of unique and massive percussion and movement pushing your ears along for an epic journey! Almost immediately the righteous and holy synths that make “God Particle” a crusade through sound fall into place and it’s accompanied by an outrageously large breakbeat and hefty basslines that push this tune over the edge!

First up on remix duties is MBFB bringing the Electro fire, turning up the heat with gnarly and grinding  basslines, along with killer synth leads, MBFB gives us a harder look at “God Particle”!

Hitting us with a peak time banger, DeadSlim shows us what he can do when given the “God Particle”, and listeners are sent into the sky filled up with four to the floor action that no one can deny. With a massive second breakdown and out of this world sweeps, DeadSlim knows how to cater to the masses!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport
All Other Sites 08/06/2013
Support From

Farace - “Deformaty on the bass! Awesome track!” 

Beatz Projekted - “Liking this whole release a lot!”

Wavewhore - “Big release… Deformaty original is on point!”

Run Riot - “Diggin the original!” 

Sneaker & The Dryer - “Deformaty is an animal! Original is badass and MBFB lay down the business on their remix as well!” 

James D’Ley - “Great release , all about the Deadslim remix for me, will be airing out no doubt !”

Sychosis - “The original mix stands out above all sonically, great track-well produced.” 

Saam Roberts - “Sick release, all three are BANGERS!!!!”

Damn Right - “Liking the heady synths and heavy beats on the original.” 

Llupa - “Original is cool, great squelchy groove, solid beats and dig the melodic layers.” 

Shaun of The Bass - “MBFB is killing it!”

Diistortiion - “Big beats on the original!”    Reali7y - “SICK release! loving Deadslim remix!”

Dad’s Disco - “First class release ………. Looking forward to playing this out!”  Bass Reflections - “Sick release! Love the trancesque synths and the big bass. As usual kick-it putting out fire!

Audio Jaxx - “this is so epic! love the drop, love the buildup, awesome work”

Astro Shaman - “Such a sick track nice work man”


Intiman – Figaro & The Drum Machine [OUT NOW KindCrime Recordings]

What an insane release!  A smashing original mix accompanied by a destructive psybreaks remix by Deformaty and

a dance floor annihilating remix from Bl1tz.  Definitely a must have for your summer arsenal.

Straight up comp

Straight Up Breaks vol. 6 featuring OLMEC – Illegal Procedure (Deformaty Remix) 

Deformaty’s remix of OLMEC – Illegal Procedure is featured on this ultra destructive breaks compilation, out now on Straight Up Records, along side Access Denied, B-Phreak, Baby Anne, Quatrat Beat, and many more heavy hitters.  This thing is full of heat!


Deformaty – Parallax (Original Mix) [OUT NOW ON DIABO LOCO RECORDS]

A massive tech breaks tune with a smooth melody and chugging bassline, featuring mega remixes by Crackerz & Jam and Dirt Revolver.  Released on the award winning Diablo Loco Records.

Black sky ep


Deformaty’s first drum and bass EP, featuring two smashing tunes, “Black Sky” and “Enigma”